C.H.I.M.E.R.A. PROJECT - 526297-LLP-1-2012-1-IT-LEONARDO-LMP

11. Sustainability

CHIMERA is opening new pathways to creativity, entrepreneurship and educational experimentation.
1. ADULT EDUCATION - The training models are evolving on the basis of feed-backs arrived by stakeholders contacted during the dissemination and networking actions.
In Spain the CHIMERA training model is going to be re-design and tested with training providers (i.e. Piccolo Moresco (Internet connection required)), interested in applying approaches and using contents in adult education and school contexts.
2. YOUTH - The CHIMERA practices and results are going to be embedded in the Fantacity Festival, becoming an experience for schools and students from all over Italy.
3. VET - The promoted networks, that are progressively widening, offer the possibility of further and focused exploitation. One field that is going to be explored is the relations between creativity and gender. In this sense an research and training designing activity is started about women entrepreneurs about creativity and resilience with the collaboration of R.O.S.A. (Removing Obstacles to Social Awareness) and Economy Rome.
Moreover Superficie 8 has submitted a proposal for the Umbria Regional Training Offers Catalogue (Internet connection required), for Creativity and Innovation Management.
4. KNOWLEDGE ALLIANCE - A partnership has been set up in order to study and design further and innovative training and educational approach, involving Fondazione Casoli (IT), Northumbria University (UK), Novi Sad University (SB), ITALIAN Chamber Of Commerce For Spain (ES), Chamber Of Commerce Of Lisbona (PT), Editorial CĂ­rculo Rojo Cb (ES) , BaG! (PT), Babes-Bolyai University (RO), Laurea University (FL).
5. RESEARCH - A field of activities concerning creativity measurement, connection with innovation, models design is going to be promoted with the Serbian University of Novi-Sad.

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