C.H.I.M.E.R.A. PROJECT - 526297-LLP-1-2012-1-IT-LEONARDO-LMP


4. Project organisation and management (WP1)

These activities are referred to as the establishment of the partner's organisational teams and exchange of the mutual information about the project's organisation chart, in order to allow the direct interaction among the corresponding functions through the definition of work tools for the project operative management.

4.1 Project management manual   ↑

The project management plan is a confidential document that provides an operative tool addressed to the C.H.I.M.E.R.A. partners in order to assure the efficient progress of the project stages and its carrying out, the communication and collaboration among partners and between the partnership and the Commission.
It defines the methodologies and tools for:
- the executive management of the project;
- the technical and financial administration of the project activities;
- the management of operative calendars/timetables of activities;
- the monitoring of the general operative calendar of the project and the interventions to carry out in case there are some deviations in the realization of outputs.


4.2 Partnership meetings   ↑

During the project lifetime the partners organized four partnership meetings to discuss the project and share in a closer way opinions about activities' implementation. Those meetings represented a good opportunity for networking action.

Kick-off Meeting - 2012, December, the 17th – 18th
The meeting took place in Perugia at the venue of Superficie 8 office. After the presentation by each partner following the order of the project partnership, the workplan of the project was presented to the partners, explaining in detail the background, the objectives, the target groups and the actions as well as the expected results. The project work plan was also introduced, analysing each work package, the related tasks and deliverables, and the role of each partner in the different activities.
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Press reviews

Second partnership meeting - 2013 – June, the 27th and 28th
The meeting took place at the venue of The Athens Hotel Poseidon.
Introductions were followed by a presentation of the agenda steps, mainly focused on the presentation of the questionnaires and the Creativity Index drafting their administration to the enterprises and on the presentation of the national results.
Third partnership meeting - 2014, March, 10th-11th
The meeting took place at the venue of KCZIA's Office in Kracow. After the presentation of the new Romanian partner, the partnership deeply analized the interim report and the state of the main project's outputs in order to guarantee the quality of the fulfillment of the project's targets and the good course of the project itself.
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Final partnership meeting - 2014, November, the 27th - 28th
The final partnership meeting took place at the of CCIS' Office in Madrid and the main topic was the final project evalution providing a project work plan overview and consolidated reporting and documents for the final report the European Union.
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