C.H.I.M.E.R.A. PROJECT - 526297-LLP-1-2012-1-IT-LEONARDO-LMP

5. Project promotion and dissemination (WP2)

The C.H.I.M.E.R.A. project aimed to raise public awareness of its developed management approaches and tools among the various stakeholders involved in the "entrepreneurs world":
A multi-dimensional dissemination approach with different communication tools adapted to the respective target groups was therefore needed to disseminate project concept and results and attract interest and necessary involvement from them.
In addition to this, the sharing of knowledge has been facilitated inside the Consortium to foster working efficiency and consistency of the project's outputs.
The project has been designed to foresee the production of outcomes that in themselves guarantee sustainability and the mainstreaming of the project after its contractual end.
The activities of dissemination and exploitation are closely related but distinct from one another and these two activities – dissemination of the project results and achievement and exploitation of these results, are named also as Valorisation. The European Commission's Valorisation Strategy gives the following definition:
"The process of enhancing or optimising project outcomes through experimentation and exploitation with a view to increasing their value and impact."
The wide diversity of the AHEAD communication tools reflects its objective to be large scale disseminated.
The mayor outcomes developed so far are:
Promotional materials
Project presentation
Video presentation (Internet connection required)
Facebook page (Internet connection required)
Flicker page (Internet connection required)
Youtube channel (Internet connection required)


5.1 Dissemination plan   ↑

The dissemination and communication plan is a restricted document that provides an operative tool for the projects promotion and marketing. In fact, it represents a strategic document aimed at:
- describing communication tools designed for the promotion of the project;
- providing guidelines and templates for communication tools production and utilization.
It provides guidelines, tools and formats related to the definition of a coordinated image and a set of communication tools, to the communication formats and layout for the realization of project documentation, and to the procedures for internal and external communication.


5.2 Project Brochures   ↑

The project brochures are informative material aimed at promoting the project and its activities.
The partnership has developed two kinds of brochures:
Project brochure:
English project brochure
Italian project brochure
Greek project brochure
Polish project brochure
Spanish project brochure
Romanian project brochure
English project's activities brochure
Italian project's activities brochure
Italian project's activities brochure 2
Italian project's activities brochure 3
Greek project's activities brochure
Greek project's activities brochure 2
Polish project's activities brochure
Spanish project's activities brochure
Romanian project's activities brochure


5.3 Open workshop   ↑

During the project lifetime Partners have organised meetings and workshop to disseminate information, to raise awareness and to collect feed back and suggestions.
The activity has been developed in all Partners Country.
Photos openworkshop Romania
1. ACADEMIA PRO GOJDU – Despre bunăstare 24 04 2014 (Internet connection required)
2. ACADEMIA BUNASTARII - Tabăra de acasă 04 06 2014 (Internet connection required)
3. ACADEMIA PRO GOJDU – Creativitate holistică 12 06 2014 (Internet connection required)


5.4 On the place informative and awareness actions   ↑

The partnership has arranged informative panels in order to promote the project and to dispatch to the main stakeholders of the project.
English information panel
Italian information panel
Greek information panel
Polish information panel
Spanish information panel
Romanian information panel
English flyer
Italian flyer
Greek flyer
Polish flyer
Spanish flyer
Romanian flyer


5.5 Project website   ↑

The CHIMERA website is an html website accessible by the project partners, the participants of the activities and the organisations, institutions and citizens, which allows an exchange of documents and materials about the project topics and the immediate sharing of the main outcomes: it is an essential tool to promote the project and disseminate its results across Europe.