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1) Setting up and testing of an index for measuring the creativity of enterprises within the reference areas of the project, in order to define the economic and socio-cultural contextual factors that facilitate or hinder the development of creative skills;

2) defining competences and skills necessary for entrepreneurs and managers to identify, develop and enhance their own creative skills and those of their employees, and to foster creativity among their staff;

3) realising experimental training courses for entrepreneurs and managers within the reference areas of the project to allow the acquisition of competences and skills previously defined;

4) developing a participatory path to plan and realise CREAlabs, workshops of business theatre aimed at facilitating the expression, the expansion and the enhancement of creative thinking in business, also through the exchange of creative and entrepreneurial skills among old and new generations of entrepreneurs, managers and enterprise workers;

5) elaboration of a Creativity Handbook for Entrepreneurs and Managers.

Multimedia Report

The Multimedia final report is a multimedia pubblication on the project's main activities and results.
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