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CHIMERA Kick-off Meeting
2012, Dicember, the 17th – 18th – Perugia (IT)

The meeting took place at the venue of Superficie 8. It was opened by by Catia Alessandri, member of Superficie 8 staff, who welcomed the participants and explained why Superficie 8 has engaged in this project.

After the presentation by each partner following the order of the project partnership, the workplan of the project was presented to the partners by Chiara Marchetta, the project planner and designer, explaining in details the background, the objectives, the target groups and the actions as well as the expected results.

Chiara Marchetta presented the project work plan, analysing each work package, the related tasks and deliverables, and the role of each partner in the different activities.

The work plan was approved by all the partners.

CHIMERA Press Conference
Perugia (IT) – 2012, Dicember, the 18th

The Press Conference for the promotion of CHIMERA project took place at the venue of APMI Umbria.

Roberto Quatraccioni, President of Superficie 8, presented the objectives and the activities of the project. Then, Nicoletta Maria Casini, Vice-President of the APMI Umbria, focused on the importance of the creativity, arts and culture for enterprises' growth, presenting the methods and the educative approach of CHIMERA project.

Entrepreneurs from various public and private companies in the province, citizens and the Spanish partner attended the Press Conference.

CHIMERA 2nd Partnership Meeting
Athens (GR) - 2013 – June, the 27th and 28th

Welcome by the Co-ordinator

The meeting took place at the venue of Athens Hotel Poseidon. It was opened by Catia Alessandri, (representative of Superficie 8 staff together with the President, Roberto Quatraccioni), who welcomed the participants. Then, the word has been left to the Greek partner for the welcome greetings.

Greetings were followed by a presentation of the agenda steps by Catia Alessandri, who explained all of them in details, mainly focused on the presentation of the questionnaires and Creativity Index drafting and their administration to the enterprises and on the presentation of the national results.

APMI, represented by Sonia Gaudenzi (as Deputy Director), introduced the report of the questionnaires survey and the Index drafting, based on the KEYS measures and parameters. In each micro-item of the Index, it has been included an analysis/comment for each section and a final one with an indication of some significant points to be developed.

APMI strongly recommended to involve enterprises operating in different economic productions and of different size groups, in order to compare the outcomes according to the various business characteristics. Furthermore, they also suggested to administer the Index both to managers/directors and employees in order to better assess the two different points of view.

Each partner referred about the administration of the Creativity Index to the enterprises in the order of the partnership and showed to all the other partners the data collected through slides, commenting and explaining them in details.

The Creativity Index of Enterprises and the Transnational Report

The most important outcomes produced by the Chimera are the Creativity Index of Enterprises and the Transnational Report.

This indexing system has been realized in order to serve as: criteria for assessing the creative vitality of an enterprises; integrated indicator for growth and innovation within enterprises; reference for overall policy-making and decision-making for development, entrepreneurship, innovation; basis for an international comparison. In order to set up the index, first, it has been carried out a comparative analysis about the characteristics of the enterprises operating within the reference areas of the project (economic, financial, cultural, social) through the administration of interviews, questionnaires to entrepreneurs, managers and staff of enterprises, and the consultation documents relating to enterprise performance. It has been followed the development of the index by experts in economics, in order to define and measure the creativity of enterprises.

The index has been tested on the same enterprises: then, the test results has been shared with the sample enterprises. The sample survey has been composed by ten SMEs for each country involved (Italy, Greece, Poland and Spain), which has been selected by size and sector.

About the setting up and the testing of the Creativity Index of Enterprises it has been prearranged a report composed of four national reports and a transnational chapter.

The report show the results of the index testing and in each country and it highlights similarities and differences among the countries so as to define the economic and socio-cultural contextual factors that facilitate or hinder the development of creative skills in enterprises.

Multimedia Report

The Multimedia final report is a multimedia pubblication on the project's main activities and results.
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